Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services (NEMT)

When you need transportation to a doctor’s office in Albany or an appointment with a specialist in New York City, you need to know you’re in safe hands. Ready’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services brings patients to all the major hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Boston, and beyond. Since 2017, we have brought patients and their families to receive outstanding medical treatment.

Our specialized transportation vehicles are available to everyone, including senior citizens, people with limited mobility, individuals using wheelchairs, parents with children, and anyone with special needs. Hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, nursing or group homes, and assisted living facilities can also request our services.

Ready’s Enterprise LLC NEMT complies with the requirements of the New York Secretary of State and Department of Transportation regarding non-emergency transportation services. Our vehicles are equipped with fully automated wheelchair lifts for easy accessibility. When you call Ready’s, you will speak with a local operator. If it is not covered under Medicaid, you can contact us directly or use our app, Ready’s Ridez.

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